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“In order for me to get pregnant I needed to get into a fertility treatment, therefore, I needed to make sure to get the best doctor after the procedure. Dr. Denker told me about Dr. Conlen, and he was right, after a few visits, I saw how he looks after his patience, it was not just that he is a great doctor because he knows well what he do, but his charisma, his good sense of humor that make you feel like he cares, any one that asked me, I told them you want to go to a good doctor, go to Dr. Conlen.

“Wonderful doctor. Very easy to talk to, makes you feel very comfortable (especially in those “awkward” times), knows his stuff. I’ve been using him for about 15-20 years and wouldn’t think of changing gynos.”

“The only thing I can say about Dr. Conlen is he is a very caring person. I have been going to him since 2000 and I never had a problem.” 

“He asked questions, made a plan for us to tackle my problem, and made me feel very comfortable simply with his friendly, yet professional demeanor.”
– Patricia A.

“The entire staff was welcoming and informative. The office is clean, beautiful, and up to date. Dr. Conlen was truly a pleasure and was very helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.”

“Dr Conlen has seen me for a crazy condition that warrants outpatient surgery. My next appt is next wk and I cant wait: since I had to go to the ER prior to my first appt with him (for the same condition) he made me feel instantly better by offering to bring me back for a small in office procedure in case it didnt clear totally up. Basically the doc performing the procedure in the ER did a poor job and thus the condition is likely to remanifest. I hate having surgery like this as it is very scary and can be extremely painful, but he seems totally relaxed and willing to be there when I need him. So very thankful for the kindness from him and his team in my time of need!”– Erin H.

“Dr Richard is very knowledgeable , I felt very comfortable and made me feel like I could trust him. Very personable and professional.” – Chantal B.

“I was so impressed. This was a wonderful doctor. Caring, easy to talk to, and very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Conlen to all women. The staff was terrific, as well. A+ rating.”
– Judy W.



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